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I recently started learning piano, and really wanted to learn all the notes on the grand staff. I printed a set of flash cards, but they really weren't efficient for focusing on the notes I was having the hardest time with. I was constantly trying to make piles of my slowest notes, without being very specific about what "slowest" meant.

I built this site to facilitate my own study, and it's working really well! It's also much more enjoyable to play piano without having to think about each individual note I see in a score.

I was also motivated to build this simple tool because so many apps and online resources these days are covered in ads and upsells. This tool is what the web was originally meant to be: a place to build tools that work better than what we have offline, not tools that are worse than what we used to have.

A few quick things while building this site out a little more:

  • I'm the author of Python Crash Course, the best-selling intro Python book in the world. If you're interested in learning Python, please check it out. It's worked well for people brand new to programming, or just new to Python, for almost ten years now. The third edition was released this year, and is fully up to date.
  • I write a weekly column about Python, and related topics, at Mostly Python. If you're a Python programmer, please consider checking it out.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about this project, please feel free to reach out. I'm ehmatthes at gmail, and I'm also ehmatthes on most social sites. I'm japhyr on HN if you frequent that site.
  • Last, this is a work in progress that I rushed out the door to share with my piano teacher and a few others. Please don't judge my programming abilities on this very nascent project!